A Retrospective of my life – 2013 a transforming year…

” Some far away, Some search for gold, Some dragon to slay, 

Heaven, we hope, is just up the road, Show me the way, Lord, 

Because I’m about to explode” 

(lyrics from Atlas – Coldplay)


This year was a very special one for me. And I would like to share with all of you my experience as a Teacher and also as a Student.

In the begining of the year, I had planned a trip to Liverpool (UK) where I would have attend the IATEFL for the first time, however one month before, I was submitted to an emergency surgery and my dream to visit UK had gone away. At first, I felt very disappointed about it, but some good friends “Rose Bard and Roseli Serra” tried tirelessly to cheer me up, they literally carried my World! Well, I saw all the Conference live stream and I learned a lot with Professor David Crystal:


Ken Wilson with “Failure Moments”, Cecilia Lemos with Oral correction, and many others, but one of these sessions that caught my attention it was feautring Luke Meddings and  Burcu Akyol – Unplugged and connected: where ideas meet”  I have read his book months ago and tried to put some ideas in my classroom, in which it was very good and sucessfuly. At the same time, I have started asking some people about the possiblity of another course in Brazil, but just unknown answers. So, I had to wait… and one day talking to my best friend Vicky Loras, I was invited to join a group of Turkish Teachers and she told me about ” ISTEK School 3rd International ELT Conference” and she said it would be live stream… perfect for me: I couldn’t move from my bed and it was the opportunity to watch it and interact with them through twitter, instagram and facebook, of course I couldn’t be there in person, but my words could be In action… I laughed with Jan Blake an amazing Storyteller, and of course an awesome dance performance by The Shaman Dance Theatre 


(image from @pmateini)

it’s impossible don’t fall in love with Turkey and  its people – however, days after the Conference, I watched the horrible action from its government that Turkish people were suffering and many Teachers were writing on their facebook and twitter: “We’re çapulling“. The Turkish protests inspired many people all over the world, including Brazil, some weeks in Rio, São Paulo and all over the Country , people were on the streets screaming for our rights and at the same time Tv Broadcasts were calling many of us “Manifestantes” (Rioters) …

Meanwhile, an e-mail from Braz-Tesol arrived, my waiting was over! It’s the “Teaching Unplugged  Course in Rio” – I hurried up to enroll the course… The day came and I was very happy to attend it not only to learn about “Teaching unplugged, Paulo Freire, Henry Giroux“, but also to share ideas with some good friends: Adriano (My best friend and an amazing Tutor), Shirley, Leonardo, Giselle, Tereza, Alan, Vanuza among others, and  of course with Luke Meddings. We had amazing experiences in the classroom, but also at Parque Lage where we discussed surronded by nature and the Christ with his open arms above us!


(image – @pmateini)

Did you think it was over? Not at all… it’s just begun, Rose Bard, Roseli Serra and some great Educators have inspired me since #RSCON4  like: Malu Sciamarelli, Chiew Pang, Chuck Sandy, Tyson Seburn and Barbara Sakamoto. Below one of my reflection:


(image @pmateini)

Thus, my PNL was created… Many good educators came across my short ELT experience (before being a teacher, I was a translater and my Conferences were about business not Educational System, Methodology, Approach or Content!!!) and I felt in love!  To confess I submitted myself to do a MA in Public Education in a well-Known University in Rio de Janeiro, let’s see what the future holds.

Nevertheless, I attended a Symposium about  Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) in Washignton DC/USA, what I have been studying and reflecting ideas to develop strategies within students with Autism to engage and motivate them in English Classes (considering Brazilian inclusive content).

So, this was my year, full of theorical, joy and friendship.

I would like to thank each one, somehow you’re responsable for many decisions  that I have chosen to my next year, some of them I have done, but some still demanding time and of course sharing and caring attention!

My Special thanks to my best friends: Rose Bard, Roseli Serra, Vicky Loras, Adriano Santos who supported many crazy ideas, some of them I think that you could considered me CRAZY, but I did it anyway!

Thanks these great Educators: Luke Meddings, Burcu Akyol, Chuck Sandy and Barbara Sakamoto: With your inspiring ideas, I can move on with mine.

And last but not least My people from #BRELTCHAT: Bruno Andrade, Raquel Oliveira, Natalia Guerreiro, Ramon, and among other educators that try to strive for a good Education in Brazil! YOU ROCK!!!

By the Way: The Song – Atlas by Coldplay – it helped me a lot with my sleepless nights and give me strength to go on



Iatefl website and British Council.



4 thoughts on “A Retrospective of my life – 2013 a transforming year…

  1. Pri ♥ I’m so glad that we met. Your post blew my mind. You rock my dear sis, friend and amazing woman! ♥ It was indeed your year sweetie. And thanks for not being afraid to connect and put your voice out there. I love sharing ideas and discussing elt/education stuff with you and I’m learning about autism thanks to you. E que venha 2014! (Let 2014 come!) another year of personal growth for both of us. ♥

    That is great news! I fell in love with education too and I couldn’t anymore just think of my classroom as a little English village. I had to expand it, look beyond the walls to understand what was going on inside it. Next year I’ll be enrolling in the post-graduation course of physicopedagogy. I’m sure we will have a lot to share and learn from each other. You rock dear! Thanks for being part of my life. I’ll visit you as soon I step in Rio and I hope you and your family can stop by in Santa Catarina soon.

  2. Hi Priscila,
    First of all, I’d like to thank you for your great words and consideration about my country and people. Actually, I, also, feel like that way for you and your country. Additionally, Reading your post has been really a happy moment for me, you’ve made my day!
    Secondly, I am so proud that I have such a hardworking and inspiring collegue in Brazil.
    Way to go, dear Priscila! Congratulations…

  3. Priscila, you are an enlightened being. I feel really happy and blessed to have you among my friends. We re going to rock even more from now on.

  4. My dearest Priscila,

    What a great year this has been – I am so happy we have connected for many reasons. I learn from you, and you motivate everyone out there – including myself. You are so inspiring, and generous – I saw this in your post as well, as you shared how Turkey and then Brazil impacted you, and for all the mentions you made. I am honoured to be included in there. I hope we meet in person very soon so I can thank you and give you a big hug!

    Wishing you the very best,

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