Be grateful for 2014…

“Gratitude makes sense of our past,

brings peace for today,

and creates a vision for tomorrow.

(Melody Beattie) 


#1picture gratitude (blue sky o’mine) by Priscila Mateini

This is my first post in this brand-new year, A year full of expectation, development and faith. Today it is a special day, in Spain we exchange gifts to show gratitude on Three Wise Men Day and in Brazil we called “Folia de Reis” where it’s celebrate in the countryside of some regions. But, why I am telling this story, It is just to start my post, it’s because one of my new friend Josette LeBlanc has post a very kind way to express gratitude and I have decided to do it too…

My gratitude for 2014:

Each day I will post in my facebook page pictures of things that make me cry (yes, it okay! we can cry for happiness), feel happy,  glad to smile and on.

Pictures that make me contemplate the nature, and also believe in the goodwill of mankind.

But, also I want to use words – which kind of words? Adjectives, nouns, verbs?.. Well, as I am a huge fan of Copora, I picked up the posts I have done during the last year and searched for the frequency of  some words and then I selected them, so here is the results of how it would be my gratitude in 2014:


(Worldlet by Priscila Mateini)

Afterwards, I have printed and cut each word and put it in a shoe box, at first I thought to use only words, but life is made by moments and these special moments can it be on a train, at the museum or buying an ice-cream or candy.

The shoe box is going to be like these two pictures:



(image @pmateini)

So, I have included some object that made me feel gratitude somehow in 2013. As an example,  The Subway ticket I had a great time at Penn Station in New York, I helped a lot of people that were lost and a gentle lady helped me to do a collect call to Brazil (I ‘ve just realized that I was out of battery and I needed to call home to say that I had a safe trip)!

But, What is the purpose for doing that?  

And what else I could do it with this gratitude idea? Meanwhile, I was cutting the words, I had a brainstorm! Wow I can use this as an activity in my classroom, my students could talk about their resolutions for 2014 or … That’s the conception of this activity.

When I finished the gratitude for 2014, its came to my mind:  “This is going to be my first activity when I come back to school!” it’s so inspirational and also it will engage my students to comunicate and share what they have done during the holidays and their vacation. I felt so happy that I have to write it!  So, with an amazing atittude, an idea come to life!

Nevertheless, I feel gratitude to have such good friends that inspire us all the time to improve ourselves, once again by the hands of Rose Bard, I met Josette LeBlanc and her touching attitude to be grateful!

I feel gratitude to share this idea to you…

Once again, I feel gratitude to meet Josette LeBlanc!



2 thoughts on “Be grateful for 2014…

  1. Dear Pri (I hope you don’r mind me calling you that. 🙂 ),

    I’ve cut and pasted my Facebook comments and also added a bit more.

    What a special gift after a long day of teaching! My heart is full of joy and gratitude to read how this project has touched you. What a special way for your students to start the new year. They are very lucky to have a teacher like you.

    I’m also grateful that you are joining me, and my friends Hailey (blogger of Thanks for the Blues) and Sirja Life is amazing. 🙂 And also seems to be getting smaller.

    Thank you for sharing your ideas and heart with us Priscila. You are precious.


  2. Hi Pri!

    You are absolutely right in this and I am aiming to do it more in 2015 – expressing gratitude!

    I went through one of the worst stages in my life in 2009-2010. Everything was going from bad to worse, and I ended up having such little self-worth and being the most bitter person, complaining about everything. One day I thought – hey, I cannot do this to myself anymore. I also started reading Sheetal Makhan’s blog, where she had Thankful Thursday – every Thursday, she expressed five things that she was thankful for. I told myself, I need to remember the good things that happen in this avalanche of misfortune. My health first of all, and the health of the people I love. Food to eat, even though I was financially in a really dire situation. My eyes to read, the activity I love most of all.

    I will totally take your advice and start doing it even more in 2015!

    May I close with some more gratitude? I am grateful we have connected and that in 2015 we will meet in person! YAY!


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