Teacher Training… You can fly beyond

“Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is letting go of something every day.” Zen Proverb




Hi There,

It’s been a month that I don’t write in this blog. I was reflecting about the “Teacher Training” that I took last month, and I realized that it is not a simple training. It has driven me go beyond.

People in general don’t like this word “Training”. I remember that every year in my former job, I used to go to an awesome Hotel in Brazil for 3 days of intensive training  (it was usually from Friday to Sunday)  and it was a preparation for the  “New Year Goals”.  I must confess that I really liked instead of some friends of mine that really hated it. Most of the time, I had the opportunity to develop and engage myself  for old duties and new policies, in which they would appear during the year, like traveling abroad, translation appointments, clients and on. But, why am I talking about “business” if I am a teacher today? Well, because it is one kind of trainings and it does not matter where you have been working, in general, people have different point of view about it.  Although, I will focus on my point of view of “Teachers Training”, the essence is the same for both trainings: to get people involved to share experience, knowledge or wisdom.

So, you can call me crazy, but I really like attend workshops, Trainings, and Conferences even on my vacation time. There is an answer for that: “Learning”. It is the focus for me and for many other teachers nowadays. I would say that, there are more teachers worried about Teacher’s role today than 10 years ago, of course the educational context has changed a lot.  It is more demanding than a few years, and as many specialists are arguing that  Teachers need to prepare themselves for new opportunities and challenges. We are living in a globalized society and our country each year has increased the necessity of qualified teachers and that is why the necessity of doing  “ Trainings”.

Besides, when Teachers attend “Teacher Trainings”  it’s the time to explore the classroom environment, sharing  ideas, thoughts, and  try out new approaches, methods, and policies most of the time you have already seen that before,  however it can be presented with a different point of view, and maybe it will work on in your classroom or institution.

I will give you a good example about my own experience with and without “Teacher Trainng” –  In 1997,  I was invited  to teach in a Private School,  a group of  kids (1st to 4th grade),  I didn’t have any training at all,  my first day at the school was a disaster,  I couldn’t control the  students, I was terrifying how crowded were the classrooms and  of course something was wrong, perhaps with me or with the  school.  The fact was that moment I decided: “I do not want to teach ANYMORE!!!” I gave up to teach. That time in Brazil, we didn’t have good internet connection, PNL …forget about it! And I was very immature to teach, I had very low self-esteem and this frustrated me a lot. That’s the ugly truth!

Then, some years passed by and today our reality is completely different from that terrible experience in the past;  Afterward, I realized that Learning is essential for us Human Beings. So that, I have been preparing myself  not only for my students but also for challenges and discoveries that I may have during the classes, during the semesters and on; And  Training for “Teaching purpose” that was my new target! My opinion about teaching has changed dramatically!  I gave to myself a chance to create and recreate ideas, moments to exchange my reflections and perspectives about Teaching, Learning and on with many people all over, and also sharing with my colleagues things that they have never heard before.

Some “Teacher Trainings” have helped me a lot to overview what once it worked in my classroom, it can be helpful for another teacher  and vice-versa. That was what a great Educator called Raquel Oliveira said once to me and I internalized as my motto: SHARING IS CARING!


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Thus, in October at Ibeu (Rio), Two great educators using storytelling, crafts, arts and imagination made me fly high. We were supposed to be kids again and I could realize that doing specific Training for Young Learners, it would help me to deal with them once again. Nevertheless to say that, in this semester I have two classes with Young Learners and I am more confident, comfortable and feel so happy that I will use some of the techniques that I have learned and hope that it might be a great moment for both of us.

And I cannot forget to mention here, that in somehow each one of these trainings have helped me to open my mind in terms of using technological tools integrating with teacher’s expertise; Thought-provoking ideas – relevant issues about teaching around the world, thinking critically about Educational System in general and within our daily reality in our school and also reflecting about myself as a teacher in my teaching perspective.

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And, What about Development?

Well, I have developed myself as teacher since I took my first TDC Plus by Pearson in 2009. Later on, I have been in contact with great Educators all over the World, in which I have changed a lot my perspective. It has helped me (newbie teacher) to get in touch with experienced teachers to share ideas, connect with them and on.

In certain way,  it is up to you. You are the responsible for your own development and it is notorious how people around you can feel how much engagement and motivate you are, and that the beginning of creating a good relationship between novice and senior teachers, and I reckon that it is the way of starting mentoring.

I was very proud to have good educators that help me a lot to understand my reflections about teaching and learning as well, and it is funny how my newbie colleagues ask me about their performance as being a Teacher: everyday they ask me on twitter, facebook or face-to-face:  if  they are okay, which course they should take, best approach to teach, what kind of Teacher Trainings I have been to and many other questions; I am glad that I can answer some of them… and I hope they can develop themselves as I do.


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