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“My voice is in tune with a different language, another kind of music. It speaks of resistance, indignation, the just anger of those who are deceived and betrayed. It speaks, too, of their right to rebel against the ethical transgressions of which they are the long-suffering victims.” Paulo Freire


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It has been a long time since I wrote here. I was supposed to in May, but I couldn’t. Now it is the proper time! And here it is.
Last year, I wrote a post that caught the attention of some people, mainly those who have  taught and were teaching children with Autism.  At that moment I realized it  was a very important topic, but relatively few people have written or presented material about it. So some good friends came up with this idea, “Why don’t you present in the Conference? At first I felt really scared. How could I present this topic to experienced teachers? Most of them had taught many students and of course, this was not new for them.  And what about the novice teachers, teaching children with autism, probably  it’s a challenging task, and  our “universities” are not prepared for it.

However, since all these questions were knocking on my head like a hammer, I decided to write my proposal to Braz-Tesol International Conference. At that point , I said to myself “I have completely lost my mind!” Far away from home, alone and the worst of all – I am afraid of travelling by plane! Am I crazy? Whatever! I will be THERE, and I will present it.

Meanwhile, some friends were posting on their Facebook pages, their acceptances at Braz-Tesol Conference, and when I opened my email, mine was there too. I felt so happy; everyone around me was happy, supporting my craziest idea and the responsibility that was taking on.

Thus, the big day came and I was really glad to be there sharing what I have studied, learned and also created with some other professionals. I cannot forget to say that; I had an amazing support from more than friends but angels such as Malu, Roseli, Darlene, Carolina, Anna(s) and Adriana.

It’s a great experience, people from many parts of the country and abroad attending my presentation. It was the most challenging moment in my career. They were not my students. On the other hand, they were very surprised with so much information which they hadn’t  known before and, how to implement some of my ideas in their classrooms and cities.  That day I felt that I had  achieved my goal. For two weeks I received many emails, comments on facebook, tweets, and I realized that  teachers were interested in learning more about my topic: “Teaching children with special needs is a matter of trust”.

Moreover, I was invited at the end of my presentation to deliver a workshop in the city where I teach. Unbelievable, but it’s true! Someone from The Educational Department was there observing my presentation. In August, I had the pleasure to deliver a workshop with Multidisciplinary teams: doctors, psychologists. I was very pleased to help 150 teachers with my little experience and knowledge (I have been teaching English for six years). All that I have done with my students is applied as experimental but based on theories and methodologies that I have learned in 2 years of Multidisciplinary work), though  I still consider myself  a novice teacher.  I have a long road to achieve my goals indeed. However, I think that my enthusiasm and passion lead my way – I want to give my students what they need and, what will be helpful for them.

“There are no absolutes, which is why teacher mangement is so important – qualification and experience play a part, but enthusiasm and engagement (with students, colleagues, the profession do too, so sensitive management of the teacher in the teaching context is very important” Luke Meddings 

As a Teacher, I want a good school-family-treatment relationship. As a mother I want an inclusive school for my kids and their classmates, without prejudice, bullying and so on. These are their rights. And I am fighting for them in Brazil!

Although things were going so well, something deep inside was telling me that I was not prepared for it, I needed to study and learn more about my topic, mainly how to present and what about the use of language.

Life is not linear; it is organic…

So I decided to enroll in a course that would give  me the opportunity to interact with many good teachers around the world and learn more about language.
And during the course, I was invited to present something with a different focus. This moment I focused on “Using puppets to engage young learners – The value of reading” at Reform Symposium Worldwide e-conference. It’s amazing, this time it was not only in Brazil but also all over the world. It was so exciting to see how people were interested in listening to me, the ideas which I share with them and also I can learn from them through messages on the chatbox that I could read later and search for information  and networking with great teachers. It’s a superb experience.

Using puppets to engage Young Learners –

And then, when I thought that it wasn’t enough for me, I received an invitation to join the project created by two amazing human beings and Educators Jason Levine and Chuck Sandy on The iTDi Summer School MOOC- I couldn’t decline their invitation.It  made my day. I felt so honored to be included among awesome Teachers like Roseli SerraVicky Loras, Rose Bard, Ayşegül, Alexandra, Theodora, Barbara Sakamoto and many others. I could not believe that, sometimes I still don’t believe that I did this. Afterwards, it was a great moment, I appreciated the idea of helping other teachers to develop themselves, the same way that someone did for me once, and I will never forget.

Therefore, I’m excited  to say that I will present my talk once again by the end of September, in one of the most important public universities in Rio de Janeiro “Teaching Kids with Special Needs: focus on Autism”. Thus, it will be my last presentation about this topic as more projects are on the way,.
I am deeply honoured to deliver such a complex issue, and once again I feel butterflies in my stomach.


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Let’s keep on sharing…



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