Ilá Coimbra tackles the native v non-native teacher debate

Worth reading post by Ila Coimbra – #brelt

BrELT - Brazil's English Language Teachers

Whether we like it or not, the distinction between native and non-native teachers is often made. Ilá Coimbra tactfully dealt with this thorny issue for the latest Braz-TESOL Newsletter, a great reading material which is only accessible to members (speaking of which, are you a member of Brazil’s biggest English language teacher association?). She now brings this discussion to our blog and reminds teachers they need to work on their language proficiency, a topic which will also be discussed in our next BrELT webinar.


Is it a myth that students prefer native speakers?

So there we are, in the middle of the teachers’ room, or of a conference or of a hanging out with fellow teachers, when the 6-letter word comes up: native. Friendliness and kindness give room to strong arguments on how much better non-native English speaking teachers (NNESTs) can be when compared to native English speaking teachers…

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