Networking is the path of development.

On Saturday 3rd June , Braz Tesol Rio Chapter prepared a wonderful event for English Teachers in one of the most beautiful cities in Rio. Famous for being our Royal Petropolis, kindly welcomed more than one hundred teachers from different parts of Rio de Janeiro State. It took place in a centenary building, full of history which celebrates its 100th anniversary , CEFET Petropolis was one of the most beautiful venues I have ever been to enjoy a-day event for Teaching Development.

In an enthusiastic atmosphere, participants and presenters could share their thoughts and impressions during the plenary. There were two rounds sessions (in both languages – Portuguese and English to discuss about bilingualism, Inclusive Education, Artificial Intelligence, Brain-friendly Lessons, Use of games and many other topics. The day ended up with a round table to discuss about ELT.

The main goals of this kind of event are getting new ideas, sharing different ways to teach, discuss and get to know new materials and so on.

In my humble opinion, the top-notch is NETWORKING . Getting along with our friends and make new ones is priceless. It is really important to be ready to talk a lot during the Coffee break, not only to get in touch with some old friends, talk about their expectations, experience and future goals but also getting to know different people from different contexts.


Making new friends opens a window of opportunities, ideas and new challenges in our career. This is what makes any Conference (National or International) or a one-day seminar an outstanding experience.

It does not matter if it has been your 10th time, but you will always be learning, sharing and caring with people who look at the same direction as you – DEVELOP THEMSELVES FOR BEING A BETTER TEACHER, PROFESSIONAL AND HUMAN BEING.

In this event at CEFET by Braz-Tesol Rio chapter I had the opportunity to meet good friends face to face for the first time . People who I have been talking for years on the web at BRELT (Facebook Community). Meeting them in person was a unique experience. We moved from online to real life, but with the same feeling : we are friends. The importance of Networking in our field is to build a strong relationship with other teachers and educators from different contexts and expertise.

cefet1So, after reading this post , I hope you make consider to attend to one of the many Teaching Development events from lots of great associations around the country or abroad. I can assure you that you will never see the world with the same eyes.


Thank so much Karin Heuert Galvão for inviting me to write this post for ELT Telegraphs